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Matthijs Verstegen

Set Workshops


Workshops, 3d floor

All sorts of objects are made here that cannot be found elsewhere: fake candles, weapons, cooked dishes, platters of fruit, wads of fake banknotes, giant feathered fans, little animals both fantastical and hyper-realistic, and so much more.

Constance Proux

Plaster, wood, resin, foam, wire, everything is used! While the prop-makers sometimes use the same craft techniques as the sculptors, their work involves a number of varied and inventive approaches. 

Constance Proux

For each object, a unique solution is found, a custom-made design in accordance with the wishes of the directors and set designers. 

Matthijs Verstegen
Constance Proux

For several years, the Props workshop has been adapting to the growing importance of mechanical and electronic effects. 

The prop-makers are also responsible for the special effects onstage. The effects involving fire are always impressive. Sometimes fire is suggested by using lights or video, sometimes it is real. For real fire, pyrophoric paper, flammable gel, cotton wool, and manual or electric ignition devices are used. All the special effects, from gushing blood to torrential rain, are developed here. 

The Props workshop works in close collaboration with the Millinery & Decoration workshop, Wardrobe, and the Set design workshops, as well as with the lighting technicians. 

A team of stage managers is responsible for arranging the props onstage during the build, rehearsals, and performances.