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Behind the scenes
In the wings of the opera

Set Workshops


Workshops, 3d floor

The set designer will frequently add elements to the scenery to enhance it. Perfectly integrated, elements that are light as a feather can become monumental in appearance. 

Polystyrene and polyurethane foam which are light and easy to sculpt are mainly used. Polystyrene is easy to cut and shape. It is cut using a hot wire. 

Plaster is also used to create architectural elements, columns, mouldings, and floral ornaments. 

Constance Proux

The main tools of the sculptors are bandsaws, chainsaws, knives, brushes, rasps, etc. Plaster and mouldings 

Les Contes d'Hoffmann, 2019

Plaster and mouldings

Pieter Claes

Rosenkavalier (2022)

One of the challenges that Christophe Coppens set the Workshops for his production of  Norma (2021) was to suspend a car made of (fake!) concrete above the stage!