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Set Workshops


Workshops, 3d floor

The Carpentry workshop is central to the construction of the sets. This is where the carpenters give them form and volume through their work with wood, a material that is easy to sculpt, very malleable, and above all solid. 

Constance Proux

A whole range of elements are made there: scaffolding wooden frames fitted with canvas, risers (flooring, podium, stairs, etc.), doors, and windows. In other words, all the large structures involved in a set!

Constance Proux

The four carpenters who work here also create the furniture that will form part of the scenery. 

Pieter Claes

All the structural elements of the sets were once made here. Over time, the Metalwork workshop grew and it now makes the load-bearing structures, which the carpenters fit with wood panelling and frameworks.  

Constance Proux
Pieter Claes


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