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De Munt
Behind the scenes
In the wings of the opera

Set Workshops

Assembly Room

Workshops, 3d floor

The Scenery Assembly Room allows the stagehands to carry out an initial build of the sets and test the assembly of their parts. This room replicates the dimensions of the stage, the height of the proscenium arch, and the bar systems and fly towers. 

This room is at the heart of the Workshops. If a problem arises during the test build, it is therefore possible to remedy it quickly. 

Constance Proux

Once the build has been approved, the sets are transported to the stage via the lift, which is directly connected to the tunnel. All parts of the sets are designed to fit inside the lift. 

Constance Proux
Rotating platforms for Trilogia Mozart Da Ponte (2020)

Rotating platforms

Integrated motorised rotating platforms that allow the sets to be revolved onstage.  

Constance Proux
Rotating platform for Macbeth Underworld (2019)

The production of Macbeth Underworld (2019) featured a ghost and flying objects, as well as a rotating platform that measured 12.22m in diameter and weighed 8 tonnes! This large rotating platform contained three smaller ones, which were operated using software that was specially designed for this world premiere.