La Monnaie / De Munt La Monnaie
De Munt
Behind the scenes
In the wings of the opera
Hugo Segers

Performance spaces



About two weeks before the premiere, rehearsals transition from the Malibran Room to the stage. This shift allows singers to rehearse under conditions that closely resemble the final performance.

At this stage, performers must adapt to the new acoustics, sets and lighting. Several more rehearsals take place, initially accompanied only by a piano. These piano techPiano tech - Onstage rehearsal with piano.  rehearsals are crucial for refining the  stagingStaging - All the elements that contribute to a production, including actors, sets, lighting, and rhythm, and shape the aesthetic and vision of the work. .

Following the piano tech rehearsals, the Italian rehearsal takes place. This is the first time the singers perform continuously with the full orchestra, but without the staging elements. During this rehearsal, singers adjust to the acoustics and work to achieve a unified sound under the conductor's guidance.

After that, there's one more rehearsal with the piano, known as the piano dress rehearsalPiano dress rehearsal - Dress rehearsal without the orchestra. . This leads into a series of stage-orchestraStage-orchestra rehearsal - Stage rehearsal with staging and the orchestra   rehearsals, where the staging and orchestral music are integrated.

Simon Van Rompay

Lulu (2021)

Soprano Barbara Hannigan rehearses Lulu on stage

Then it’s time for the pre-dress rehearsalPre-dress rehearsal - Stage rehearsal with the orchestra, played without interruption. and final dress rehearsalFinal dress rehearsal - The last stage rehearsal with the orchestra before the premiere, played without interruption. and to wish each other Toï Toï ToïToï toï toï - German expression for wishing success. Saying "good luck” is said to bring bad luck. ! or in bocca al luppoIn bocca al luppo - Italian expression meaning "good luck".  ! (Good luck!)

Finally, the curtain rises on the premierePremiere - The first public performance of an opera , marking the beginning of the show!

Simon Van Rompay
Simon Van Rompay