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De Munt
Behind the scenes
In the wings of the opera

Costume Workshops

Women’s and men’s costume-making

Workshops, 5th floor

It is not fine materials but craftsmanship that determines the quality of a costume. R.B., Head of the costume workshops 

Each costume is unique, made to measure for one production and one singer. Most of the pieces are made at La Monnaie.   

Pieter Claes

The Costume-making workshop is part of the Costume workshops, which also include the Shoemaking and Dying workshops, Millinery and Decoration, the Costume stock, the Fabric stock, and the Fitting rooms. Let’s take a closer look at the Women’s and men’s Costume-making workshops.   

Women and men


Fabrics and materials



Made to measure

For the stage

The stages of making a costume


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